Barefoot Devotions

The Red Stained Chair

We’ve had a great day in the holler! It was wild and crazy as usual but that changed. After dinner, my 6-year son dropped his Powerade on my cream colored dining chair! Yes, that’s what I said. My cream colored dining chair. He cleaned his mess and my husband and I were left to deal with the red-stained chair. We tried many concoctions trying to remove the stain. We scrubbed. Nothing. We repeated. Nothing. I scolded my son. Like really scolded him. If he just would have listened and not been twirling his drink around, it could have been avoided. I felt horrible and I woke him up to let him know that regardless of the accident, I loved him. I was upset. I was borderline angry. I’m not sure if I was acting this way just because I am overly tired or what. Before the incident, I was relieved that my youngest was already asleep. I was happy to have some free time for me. I kept thinking my me time was gone. Ruined because of a red stained chair that I now had to fix. I worried about what people would think. How could we have anyone over and let them see this chair!? We officially were never going to host anything, ever. And we didn’t even get to do it once. Not that they would even care about the chair or anything. My mind raced with pointless and meaningless thoughts and emotions.  Jesus was dealing with me. I was convicted over that red stained chair and my reactions.

How could I not give my own child the mercy, love, and grace my God showed me with a red-stained Cross? We are human and were born into this world as sinners but God showed us love and mercy to send His only Son to die on the cross. He did that knowing we would still fall short of His glory. He still loves us in a powerful way that we can’t fully comprehend. That love never changes even after those mistakes. I am undeserving of all of God’s goodness but I am still bathed in His presence that washes over me like a tidal wave. I praise His sweet name that I like this red-stained chair can be restored, can be repaired and can be scrubbed clean of whatever may be burdening your soul. Nothing is ever too ruined for Jesus. Even my red stained chair.


Hannah B.

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