Barefoot Devotions

Love Without Actions

What point is it to believe in God and believe what His word says if we don’t show we believe by our actions? If your spouse or friend told you they loved you but never wanted to spend any time with you, or never acknowledged you on your birthday or any other day for that matter would you believe they loved you? They say they do… You can feel the warm fuzzies all day long but at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter how you feel on the inside; it matters how you interact with that other person. Do you stand up for them if they are unjustly accused? Do you nurture them when they are sick? Do you spend time talking with and listening to them?

The beautiful thing about God is that He loves us anyway whether we reject Him or not but shouldn’t we be “Loving” Him back? Isn’t that what we were created for? I mean we do have free will. We can “Choose” not to love Him. We can choose to love ourselves or anybody else on this planet if we want to. He gave us the option to choose when He created us. Love is a choice is it not? It’s not just a feeling or an action. Love is really all of that combined. Usually the feelings follow the actions.

How can I say to people I have a relationship with Jesus Christ when I don’t ever spend anytime with our Lord? What good is it to have gifts of encouragement and encourage people to read their bible and pray and say I will pray for them if I never spend any time with Him? Our Lord, Savior! The only being that will ever ever love me more than anyone else in this Universe.

God gave us each special gifts and they are to be used for His glory. I believe God gave me the gift of encouragement and discernment. I also believe He has given me a gift a prophesy. None of it does that much for me if I’m not using it appropriately. We were created to worship Him however, we were created to worship Him with our own free will. Will I still go to heaven? Yes I believe I will. God knows my heart. But I believe it breaks His when I’m not “Loving” Him back. If I’m hoarding my money or wasting it or squandering it in every place but where it counts which is promoting the Kingdom of the Lord, then what good is it for me to have money? If I’m not here for Him then none of it matters. If I’m not spending time promoting the Kingdom of the Lord then I’m wasting my time. To love somebody is an action. You choose it and you take action to show it to them. My husband not only tells me he loves me, he shows me. He takes care of me when I’m sick, or even being a major pain in the butt. He still goes out of his way for me even when it is inconvenient. Even when I have weight to lose or my attitude stinks. That is Love. And that is what loving someone is. Taking action to show them even when it’s inconvenient or you just don’t feel like it.

It’s both humbling and embarrassing to admit that I don’t show God how much I love and appreciate Him like I show it to other people. When He is or should be #1 and I make Him last.

Love needs to have action to back it up otherwise it’s not really truly Love.


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