Barefoot Devotions

Aunts That Pray 

I’ve been struggling the last few days about this whole blog thing. After all, I am baring my soul to whoever out there is reading this. I prayed for confirmation or a sign to keep this up and I also prayed for what’s next. It was laid on my heart weeks ago to write my testimony about the journey to Kentucky.

I received it today from my aunt. I sure did. When she says to do it, I do it! I will be writing about how God has worked in our lives and opened doors that should have been impossible and most importantly my relationship with Jesus and how it has developed through this process. It will be in parts so be patient with me since I haven’t even started it. I’m still in the process of praying over this. I wouldn’t be the person I am without my aunt and uncle. I know their prayers helped me get to where I am in life and I truly believe that they interceded on my behalf many times. More times than I deserve. I pray that you have aunts, loved ones or friends like this in your life!


Hannah B.

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