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This Is It // Testimony Part 4 

This part of our testimony is so much better!

It was time to sell our home and leave our family for our next adventure. We had less than 3 months to sell our house, find a place for our family and move everything we owned from Georgia to Kentucky. This was one of the most emotional and mentally draining processes I have ever been through. I definitely aged during this process but God was there every step of the way.

As I look back, we did it. I couldn’t really tell you how we did or how we even got here. Some days I ask myself if I am really here. First things first, we listed our house. Can we say nerve-wracking!? Well, back to the whole I don’t know how this worked out other than the fact that this was God’s will for us… our house sold in 3 days… and they offered above asking price. Of course, me being me asked for a sign to know we chose the right offer. Get this… the couple buying our house were moving from Kentucky and the gentleman was a retired optometrist. We were moving to Kentucky so my husband could become an optometrist. There was no backing out now.

After looking at many houses, and leaving Kentucky without a place to live (4 times). We finally found a place! Talk about relief. Relief for about 3 weeks. The week of closing in our house we had for sale,  our rental agreement fell through. Our house was packed and everything we owned in the back of a Uhaul with nowhere to go.

I never lost faith and I kept on believing because that’s what you do in all situations life may throw at you. You keep on even when you can’t. That’s when God reveals Himself to you and sometimes in the most beautiful ways, we can’t even comprehend. We have to trust that no matter what, God always has His children’s best interest at heart. I’d like to think that God was protecting us from something and even though I was essentially homeless, He knew what He was doing. Ya see, to me everything was gone and we didn’t have a home anymore…God had to strip that away from me so I would realize that He is in control and He will always provide. Other than my family, He was all we had. My dependence on Him grew in all areas of my life.

We decided to drive to Kentucky and figure it out when we arrived. We had 2 options – find something and move in or move our belongings into storage. We prayed that one of the options we had lined up to look at would work and it did. It was PERFECT and we moved in the next day. After 4 trips with nothing and a place that fell through, We finally had a Kentucky home that God led us straight to in His timing with two weeks to spare before school started.

So here we are and that’s how we arrived at the next chapter of our lives.

This is what I never want to forget.


Hannah B.

2 thoughts on “This Is It // Testimony Part 4 ”

  1. I wish there was a “love” button here! Oh my goodness, I love reading about the things that God does. And I KNOW those people that went on that mission trip! That is so cool that it was THAT paper that you took home. God is awesomer than any being I’ll ever know! OhMyGoodness. Here, I’m sending you a virtual hug!

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