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The Day I Fell Down A Rocky Mountain

What a Monday morning. Talk about a slap in face then throw ya down a rocky mountain kinda day! My husband’s worst fear came true today…a stopped train on the tracks on the day of his huge block exam. Well, after 30 minutes the train was still stopped so he jumped the train and hitched a ride like a modern day Indiana Jones. 

Well, it wasn’t that adventurous but it felt like it to me. The train was stopped and he used the step ladder on the train car to get across and a nice gentleman (thank God) at the end of the holler found him a ride with someone headed out. Now, I didn’t know this until he finally called me 3 hours later to come pick him up. He was stressed about missing is test that he was already late for registering for but the good news is that he made it 4 minutes late and he was allowed to take his test! Praise the sweet Lord! 

So what happened during this 3 hours of waiting? My poor friends. God bless their souls. Thank God my momma didn’t answer the phone because she would be coming with a Uhaul to move me back to Georgia. 

I knew our time here was over because he would be kicked out of the program and we would have to go back home. In my mind, I even started to prepare for our move back home. I just couldn’t believe God got us here for THIS. To be kicked out of the program and to return home. THEN I realize that my husband hitched a ride with a stranger and I know absolutely nothing about this stranger. I just knew my husband was tied up and being mutilated by mountain people and I kept envisioning a scene from The Hills have Eyes. No offense to these nice mountain people but hey I’m from Atlanta and you don’t know what you’re gonna get! I didn’t know if my husband was alive and taking a test, kicked out of the program or dead. I was going to be a widow stuck here without a way out. To all you men out there, you should really text your wife or girlfriend that you are okay. 

So, what have I learned from this? 

God’s plan is ALWAYS greater, He knew it would work out in the end and He provided safety along the journey. I don’t know why but it just wasn’t meant to be for my husband to be on the road before he was and it wasn’t meant to be for me and our babies. Of course, during my panic and anxiety attacks, I couldn’t realize this because I was too concerned with the now and the problem at hand and possible outcomes of the problem at hand. I didn’t give it to God and let Him work it out the way only He could. I didn’t think to put God first and I didn’t consult with Him before I reacted and apparently I thought too much with my flesh! I could have saved myself a lot of tears and a few less gray hairs today if I would have just said, “Ya know what?! God you’ve got this. Here are my thoughts, take them, remove the negative, here is my anxiety, doubt and fear, remove it! My trust in YOU and YOUR will no matter what happens. YOU ARE ALREADY THERE!”

Now, lets talk about you. Is it possible that you feel like your in the desert and waiting for an answer? What is hindering you from experiencing the fullness of God? Think about it. Whatever you are experiencing, God is already there and rest assured everything will be okay. He doesn’t get us to where we are going and leave us. He is here with my family now and surrounds us with His grace and protection along the journey. Because that’s what life with Jesus is, a journey. The good, the bad, the ugly and the crazy. For that we can praise Him and I will do just that because without Him I am nothing but the crazy lady in a holler. You can laugh at my story, it’s okay now!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite verses because it’s gotten me here: 

Jeremiah 29:11 

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Hannah B. (2)

1 thought on “The Day I Fell Down A Rocky Mountain”

  1. I am so glad we visited you, so I can truly understand part of what you are going thru…… I love these blog…….. I know you were terrified….. You are going to have to make a short stories book for everyday events in the Holler. Love you…… Remember what don’t kill you will make you stronger. Your stories help me make it thru this adventage with Mom and all the issues that come up.

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