Barefoot Devotions

Life Lessons From Saul 

King Saul was chosen by God to be a King and lead the Israelites because they demanded a king. In 1 Samuel 9:1, we are told that he was tall, dark and handsome and came from a well to do family but most importantly he was close with God. What more could a human ask for?

However, his favor with God changed when he disobeyed the Lord, became prideful, self-righteous and began taking matters into his own hands.

As a king, he felt that he could do it on his own and that he had the best way. These were Saul’s sins that he never repented of until he realized it was too late. As harsh as this sounds, God gave up and quit speaking to Saul. He departed from Saul. In desperation, Saul consulted with a witch and rose Samuel from the grave to find answers to the doom he faced.

1 Samuel 16: Then Samuel said, “Why then do you ask me, seeing the Lord has departed from you and become your enemy?”

This would be such a grieving and painful moment not only for the person but for God. The thought of not having God in my life to talk to, to praise and to experience the love He can only provide me is absolutely gut-wrenching. My heart hurts for Saul as I can’t even imagine my life without having God in it daily.

So how did Saul get to this point? Honestly, he lost sight of God and turned away from Him. He forgot what his Lord did for him to get him a crown.

He took one small step in the wrong direction and began a downward spiral leading to the Lord turning away from and becoming an enemy of God. One sin led to another and so forth until he was so sucked into his life of being king. He allowed pride to seep in and he had the mentality that he didn’t need God or he could do it his way and not listen to God.

Don’t you see how the enemy can use one small baby step away from God and open up a door that leads to a bottomless pit? The longer you stay in unrepentance, the further and harder you will fall. Do you really want to go there? To the point of being so desperate at the end and when you try to find Him, He isn’t there? I don’t. I’ve been there and it isn’t fun, maybe the path on the way down is but the landing isn’t. The best news of all is that it’s not too late, turn back to Him and repent of what you need to. God’s grace and mercy are there and He is waiting for you to come home. I promise that being pulled from that bottomless pit will be the most refreshing, fresh of breath air you’ve had in a long while. It may be bitter in the beginning but in the end, it will be sweet. Just ask Him for His hand.

There are many lessons that can be learned from Saul and I encourage you to go back and read the story as I just gave a brief overview. I’ve learned a lot from his story and I hope you will too but let’s not be like Saul.

I hope this helps in some way.


Hannah B. (2)

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