Barefoot Devotions

Child Come Home

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? To be honest, I’ve let life get the best of me. The last time I wrote, I let y’all know that my grandmother, The Matriarch of my family went to be with the Lord. Ever since then I’ve felt lost, guilty and depressed. I didn’t want to write because I didn’t want to feel the emotions that come with grief. Grief is a scary feeling but sometimes you just have to feel and go through the motions to get to the other side. Often times when I’m experiencing these emotions, I will disconnect. It’s probably not healthy but it’s something I need to do. It’s something that helps me and my mind understand and come to terms with circumstances that are happening in my life.

You know how there are times in life where you feel like everything in the world is coming against you? You turn one way and there is a problem or a hurdle to jump? Then just before that fire is put out, you find yourself having to jump over something else? Have you ever wondered what in the world is going on in the universe to have ALL of the world throwing rocks at you? I have.

I had an ah-ha moment.

I realized that during the time before the distress, I let the world creep in. Notice, I used the word creep because that’s exactly how Satan does it, slowly and surely. Unfortunately, it’s too often too late until you realize what has happened. I let the world define my thoughts, my emotions and eventually those worldly thoughts and emotions seeped into my heart.

Then it hits me. I hear Him say,  “Child Come Home. You Need Me. Staying close to me is the only way you can do this. You can’t do this walk without Me.” Jesus is right, I can’t! Life is too chaotic without Him and all it takes to drift away is one day of skipping time with God, talking with Him, and praying, just one day or one time.

What if Jesus lets the universe throw every hurdle at us? That sounds kinda harsh, doesn’t it? I mean if He loved us so then why would He let us feel like we are drowning in life? Maybe He does it because He doesn’t want us to drift too far away? Perhaps, He wants us to stay close to Him and for us to realize that we do need Him, it may take an obstacle or two…or even a frying pan. He knows we have tasted His goodness and He wants to give us even more of His goodness. I want all that He will give me and I
will gladly accept the times in my life where He has to use a frying pan over my head.

Is it time for you to come home?


Hannah B. (2)










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