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The Beauty In Brokenness

Brokenness. A word that often reminds me of past hurts and perhaps even hurts that are fresh on your heart. Unfortunately, we live in a broken world and are bound to face a trial and tribulation during our life. Everyone has some sort of brokenness that they have moved on from or have allowed to take over their mind. Maybe the pain has caused some hearts to harden.

No matter what you have experienced in life, your hurts are yours and you are allowed to feel the emotions that come along with them. They make you, you but we can’t allow them to get the best of us. To me, the most amazing thing is that God already knows what we feel and what we think. Even when we can’t express them ourselves, He knows. I hope that you have discovered that during your trials, God is there and there is an ultimate reason for your suffering. It sucks. There isn’t a nicer way to say it but I’ve learned to step back and ask God, “What is the take away from this, what am I missing? Show me. Make it as clear as hitting me in the head with a cast iron skillet because you know I’m not going to get it right away.” Yeah. I pray that. Jesus knows I need that extra bam.

I’ve recently had a trial of my own that I thought I was okay and I would just move along. Today had other plans for me. Feelings of hurt, betrayal, and anger consumed me like a raging fire. Thank God for the people He has placed in my life to speak truth to me when I need it and especially when I am at my weakest and most ugliest self.

I found myself in prayer and luckily I got my extra bam today. Even if it wasn’t what my flesh wanted, it was what my soul needed. And that my friends are the best outcome.

Only God can take someone that is broken and make them whole again. In that there is real beauty as Our Maker puts us back together. Not just beauty that surpasses anything we could ever imagine but in the end we will be perfectly put together by the hands of Jesus.

Until then I will enjoy allowing Jesus to take my broken pieces and mend them back together because even though it hurts there is refuge in His arms. The peace He allows to radiate through me is far better than any fleshly emotion I could ever feel. And you know what the best part is, He isn’t finished with me. In the end, I will be put together perfectly by His perfect hands for His perfect purpose.

My love,

Hannah B. (2)

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