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Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

The book of Ruth has always been inspiring,  life changing, and has changed my perspective on life.  Seasons may leave us feeling helpless, hopeless, afraid and bitter but through Jesus there is always hope. There is always a perfect ending with God’s redemption. I don’t mean an ending that will leave you with every desire of your earthy flesh but an ending that will be far greater than your wildest dreams could ever comprehend. A soul filling perfect ending created by your maker.

The Book of Ruth – Read the book for the full story

The story of Ruth begins with Naomi and her husband, Elimelech. They left their home due to a famine to live in Moab. Their two sons married Moabite women but unfortunately, Naomi’s husband and her sons died. Naomi was hopeless. She felt abandoned, bitter and that her life was a misfortune. She left her home full but when she returned she was empty. She encouraged her daughter in laws to return to their families to find other husbands as she had nothing else to give. Ruth was loyal to her mother in law and refused to go back to her home and her gods. So, together they began the journey back to Judah. They arrived in Bethlehem at the beginning of the harvest and Naomi had sent Ruth to the field to glean the left over harvest. At this point, Ruth had been discovered by Boaz. He instructed her to stay on his field and stay with the women as they followed the harvesters. Not only did he tell his workers that she was off limits and not to be touched, he told her to drink from his water jars that the men had filled. Ruth found favor in the eyes of Boaz and she continued to work in his fields until the harvest was complete.

Naomi had decided to find Ruth a better way of life and Boaz was one of their kinsman-redeemers. This means that he was one of the next of kin to provide for Ruth since her husband had died. Naomi told Ruth to put on her best clothes and sent her to Boaz. At this point in the story, Ruth has asked Boaz to be her kinsmen redeemer. Of course, he was willing to marry her and instructed her to wait until a decision was made. The elders decided that they could marry and they did. A son was conceived. A son who would be the father of Jesse and grandfather of King David. A family lineage that would bring us, Jesus. 

Looking at this story, we are able to see how God worked everything out for the benefit of not only these two ladies but for everyone. Through them, God was able to use them so that His ultimate and divine plan of redemption would be complete. Not only did He provide their needs at the moment but He orchestrated a plan of generational redemption for all of us. 

Even though Naomi became bitter, God showed great mercy and carried her through until she found her joy again. When we are living in the moment, we are often caught up in the emotions that surround our circumstances. We may find ourselves blaming God for the things in life that don’t go our way, perhaps blaming Him for the loss of a loved one or losing material possessions like a home, car or even a job.  Sometimes what we lose is simply not a part of God’s will and He moves things around to see His plan through. It’s okay to grieve, we are human after all but we must have faith that He is working everything out for our good, every detail, even the ones we won’t see in our lifetime! 

I don’t know what you are going through but I do know that you are deeply loved by a God that curates our wildest dreams into existence using our stormy seasons. No matter what it is, stand with Him, have faith and trust in Him. Whatever the ending is, it will be His perfect plan for your life. He cares deeply for you. When you place all of your trust and faith in Him, He ignites a fire within and everything becomes possible if when you don’t see a way.


Hannah B. 

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