Barefoot Devotions

Stronger Than A Mother’s Love

My son was asking questions about two games the kids in his class were playing. I could tell that he was unsure and a little scared (he won’t admit it though). One was the good ‘ol Bloody Mary game and the other one was a game called, Charlie Charlie. I am aware of what the Bible says about such practices and I prefer to keep certain doors shut and to not entertain any of it. We explained our convictions to him as much as you can without terrifying a kid. He seemed like a weight was lifted off of him and he went to bed without a problem.

This morning as I was driving him to school, it was all I could do to not let tears form. Trying to shield him from seeing my eyes because he didn’t need to know the sadness that was resonating inside. Usually, I make demands of, “Study hard. Complete all your work. Eat your lunch. Pay attention.” He always replies, “I know, Mom!” in his grumpy morning voice. I know he is just tired of hearing the demands. After all, he does know and he does the best his seven-year-old self can do.

I knew he needed encouragement so instead of my usual demanding pep talk, I expressed how much I loved him. I wanted him to know that he could always talk to me about anything and I would understand. He didn’t have to come to us and tell us something that was concerning him, but he chose to.

As I watched him walk into the school and down the hallway, all I could think about was my child is alone and surrounded by this world. The tears that were starting to flow earlier were back.

As I was driving back home, I began to talk to God about my worries and emotions. I began talking to God, “It is so hard to send my child out into the world knowing he is surrounded by sin, temptation, and the ways of the world. My heart is heavy for my son’s salvation and I just know that you are dealing with him. I plead your blood over my child. I pray that he finds you and knows the truth all the days of his life.”

In return of dropping all of my cares at Jesus’ feet, I listened. My heart broke for God because he loves each of us with a love more powerful and fierce than any love on this earth. But yet, he is still rejected by many.

He reminded me that he sends us out into the world every day. His children that he loves so much. We are thrown into temptations and a sinful world with free will. He doesn’t demand we follow him or do what he asks us to, he desires for you to choose him. Every day he is watching as we start our day and he is waiting for us to return so he can give us encouragement, love, and truth.

He prepares us by giving us people who point the way to him and he is always with us to guide us on the path he has planned for us. If we have anxiety or concerns, he wants them, because he is God and can do more with them than you can. When we stray, he places obstacles in our life so that we will understand our need for him and return to him. When we return to him, he forgives us and loves us unconditionally. God is so much bigger than us and we can’t even begin to imagine how great his love is for us and how deeply he cares for us and our concerns. Regardless of our cares and circumstances, we can count on him to take care of every day of our life.

When the lights go out, he is still waiting and when we decide we’ve had enough of the world, his arms are open.

That’s all for tonight friends.

With much love,

Hannah B.

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