Barefoot Devotions


Barefoot and Broken.

Stripped baring rejection, sadness, and grief.  Maybe even a little guilt. Broken because what was supposed to be isn’t.

Expectations shattered by fleshly blindness because somewhere along the way too much trust was placed in a person and accepting their validation in your life.

God’s validation wasn’t sought after.

Trust shattered. Lessons learned. Walls that were once down, ready to love as you are called, are starting to rebuild.

Standing at a crossroads – with a choice of giving up on everything or fighting for everything.

Thinking that it took so long to break the walls down the first time or you could just go ahead and give into the flesh. It would be easier because it doesn’t require change and it lets me live for me, in the now.

What hold does this person have on you? Everything. You’ve poured out your life into them but the return in you was a swamp.  A bond and trust built and broken. A sinking foundation. Left battered and bruised.

Crying out to God and asking, “Why am I going through this? Why am I facing this rejection? Why did it have to be that way?” Life was and is going so well, God is moving, answering prayers and making dreams come true. Surely, the relationship could have been salvaged. 

Knocking and waiting for a locked door to open is hard. Finally, there is an answer but it isn’t the answer you would have imagined. The answer is no and He whispers,

“You have been salvaged instead.” 

Salvaged from the very person in your life that drained you, placed limits on your life and kept you from your calling. Salvaged from further damage. Rescued from your lost sea and handpicked by God to make new, make whole, to redeem and set apart. 

Through the rejection, you received your answer, and now it’s time to stop looking back at the regrets, asking what could have been, and continue to let God work in you and for you. His purpose is far greater than your mind could ever comprehend. He is my rock. My unwavering, solid rock. My shining light leading the way out of the swamp.

When you’re at a crossroads, choose to fight. Fight until the bitter end if that’s what it takes. The work that Jesus will complete in you is worth fighting through the emotions, the pain, the broken relationships, and the disappointments.  That’s what Jesus needs you to do. He alone makes all things right in there due time. Seek Him and learn the lesson.

Only God can take someone that is broken and make them whole again. In that, there is a real beauty as Our Maker puts us back together. Not just beauty that surpasses anything we could ever imagine but in the end we will be perfectly put together by the hands of Jesus.

With all my heart,

Hannah B.

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