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Is your fluid dirty?

Earlier this week, I dropped my car off to have the transmission repaired and today I received a phone call that my car was finished and ready for pick up. I thought wonderful! He then tells me that the fluid was filthy and he flushed and serviced the transmission. No leak was found and no issues. Just dirty fluid and in need of maintenance. I asked him what in the world caused the fluid to get so dirty and he said “it was so dirty that we had to flush and flush several times but with 150,000 miles on your car, it happens, I’d say it’s about time.

As blessed and happy I was to hear this news, I had to praise God because once again I went out on faith and He showed up to bring what could have been a new transmission to needing a flush and service. I was driving home, my car was driving SO much better, almost like new! More praise.

He spoke to me.

Just like a transmission’s dirty fluid, we get dirty as we take in the corroded world around us. Our heart needs clean fluid and maintenance to withstand the wear and tear of the miles we put on.

As we put good fluid in (reading the word and praying), the bad fluid gets flushed out and washed away like new. The more miles you put in your heart without maintenance the harder and darker it becomes. Insensitive. Corroded. Spreading like a disease until other parts are damaged.

Just like a car, we need maintenance and sometimes we need a full service because something has broken.

Jesus is a wonderful heart mechanic. He knows every thought, every feeling and everything there is to know about you. You can’t hide. He is not surprised when you are down right honest with Him. Again, He already knows. He needs you to admit that you need Him and for Him to service your heart so that He can begin flushing out the world in you.

Won’t you ask Him to flush out your heart? Just something to think about.


Hannah B,

4 thoughts on “Is your fluid dirty?”

  1. I love analogies, as you can tell from some of my blogs. and your analogy is awesome! So true that just being in the world can make us dirty. The more often we go to be serviced by Jesus, the better His light can shine through us!


    1. Aww thank you Linda! This one is dear to my heart because of the truth that is in it. You are absolutely right though, when we are filled with Him our light shines and when we take-in even more of Him, we shine brighter.


  2. 👏🏻🙌🏻 Yes! Perfectly put. This post is exactly what I needed to hear this morning, in exactly the right words. Thank you for this. I look so forward to following you, friend!


    1. Thank you sweet friend! I am so glad that the Holy Spirit has filled you with what you need to get through. He is always right on time and knows exactly what we need.


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