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Mom Life: Wet Pot Squat

We made it to Friday. Right?

If that gives you any indication on how my week has been, then you probably know I am ready to have a relaxing weekend.

After dinner, I was trying to clean the kitchen and get everyone’s trail of crumbs and splashes of milk cleaned up.

Everything was almost clean but I had an overwhelming need to stop and take a bathroom break. I knew if I tried to hold it, I would end up peeing on myself because let’s face it my bladder isn’t the same after two kids!

I quickly walked to the bathroom feeling grateful for a chance to sit in the bathroom for a moment and have a break from life. Then I would finish cleaning the kitchen.


Except I don’t remember relief feeling wet.

I sat in pee.

Instead of yelling, “Who didn’t raise the toilet seat before they used it?!”

I thought the problem was lowering the toilet seat? So much for that lesson being learned. Apparently, a boy in my house decided to skip this step.

I remembered the lady who saw my distress in Walmart while I was trying to keep my boys from knocking over the medicine display say,

“Enjoy it. They grow up fast. Mine are grown now.”

But I just sat in PEE. So? They still grow up fast.

I left the mess that was left in the kitchen and decided that it was finally time for that hot bath I have put off all week.

Let the kids knock over the medicine display at Walmart, let them pee all over the toilet seat, let them throw their plate of food in the sink, and let them run around naked in the front yard.

They are still learning and exploring the best life has to offer. Let them enjoy it before they are grown because let’s face it, life can be tough and overwhelming. There will be learning moments to shape them along the way. They will be okay.

And so will you!

It’s going to be okay, Momma. You can do this. You were called to do this and you are doing an amazing job.

They may not see it or recognize it but God does. Motherhood is the toughest job you will ever have but it’s also the most important ministry you have.

If Mom life gives you a wet backside, well you have an excellent reason to take a bath!

It’s all about your perspective.

With all my love and encouragement,

Hannah B.

6 thoughts on “Mom Life: Wet Pot Squat”

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I am so glad you found a laugh. I’m still experiencing wet pot squats over here but I’m enjoying it.


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