Barefoot Devotions

Even Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed


The word either scares you for having to use it or the word excites you because you know just how powerful the smallest amount of faith can be.

My faith is something I cherish because I have experienced the power of the smallest amount of faith throughout my entire existence.  Faith can be powerful enough to change lives, wash sins as white as snow, empower you to believe in yourself, and chase your dreams.

Faith is scary enough to second guess the call God has given you for your NOW season.  In the moment of making a decision or living through each day during less than desirable circumstances,  faith can be paralyzingIt can cause you to run, swim, or even catch a boat like Jonah.

I have been pondering Matthew 17:20 and just how much faith we really need if even faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.  As I hold this tiny mustard seed in my hand, it almost disappears.   It is the tiniest seed but yet so powerful.   Powerful enough to break chains,  move mountains, and open the door to freedom.  

If this tiny seed has the power to move mountains, then how much faith do we need?  I have come to the conclusion that God accepts our faith that is the size of a mustard seed.  He knows that in our human flesh, we will have doubts, questions, and our minds will race with fear.  All of these emotions are normal and okay.  However, what isn’t normal is allowing ourselves to stay in this state of mind and allowing these negative emotions that are not from God to dictate our actions, thoughts, and decisions. 

We have to make a conscious decision to walk out of our emotions and into the calling God has on our life – even if it’s going to our Ninevah.  One thing that God has revealed to me is that I was created for my Ninevah.  My life experiences and who God created me to be are who my Ninevah needs.  It is apart of my calling that holds greater purpose far beyond my mind could comprehend.

Faith.  It’s like the trust fall except for this time you are guaranteed to have the absolute best outcome that was created for you by the creator of the universe.  Once you step out in obedience to Jesus and His will for your life, it’s freeing and it’s liberating.  It will set you on the path to continue to discover your calling in each of your seasons. Won’t you step out in faith and see where the journey takes you? After all, fully submitted and surrendered to God guarantees a life worth living.


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for accepting my mustard seed of faith and doing more with it than I could ever comprehend. I praise you for the great things You are doing in my life. Help me to always step out in faith and trust You even when I can not see past my circumstances. You are a good, good Father and I trust You with my life. I surrender my will to You and give my life as a sacrifice to You.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.


  1. How can you step out in faith in what God is calling you today in this season of your life?
  2. In what area in your life is God calling you to step out in faith and walk into your calling?

With all my love & encouragement,

Hannah B.

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