Barefoot Devotions

Cultivating Confidence

Psalm 27 teaches us that God is always around us even when we feel as though our enemies, life circumstances, and even our emotions are against us. Whether the war is raging on the outside or inside, we must practice and learn to Be Still in all circumstances to cultivate confidence.

In verse 3, David writes, “Though an army encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war arise against me, yet I will be confident.”

Like David in verse 5, we can be confident that God will hide us in His shelter in the day of trouble; He will conceal us under the cover of His tent, and He will lift us high upon a rock.

If David could trust and have confidence in God during his troubles, we too can trust God even with all of life’s circumstances.

God does protect and work on behalf of those who trust Him and choose to have confidence in Him. We can be confident of God’s light, stronghold, and salvation.

God’s light directs us when we are in doubt, our hearts are shattered, or we just feel hopeless. He gives us comfort and peace in our hearts that causes us to rejoice regardless of our circumstances. God’s is our stronghold and He protects us in all ways perfectly and for a perfect reason even if the pain does not make sense for the moment. We can run to Him for shelter from the storm and He is faithful to provide for us. God is our salvation even when the walls are closing in – He always saves us in His perfect timing. If God is faithful to be our stronghold, He will be faithful to save us from danger and set us above our fear.

We have the confidence to shout and rejoice during life’s circumstances because God does listen to us as we cry out to Him and He already knows your solution. Your confidence may be low but I assure you that with each trial and tribulation that is thrown your way, this confidence that I speak of will grow as you experience life and deliverance from this experience. My advice? Praise your way through it – speak praise to God, sing praise to God, fill your spirit with praise music, sermons, and God’s word. Turn the volume up LOUD and drown out the sorrows you are feeling.

God will honor your faith and trust in Him and even if the timing doesn’t match yours, we can rest assured that He is working all things out for our good and for His perfect will.

On this day three years ago, a heavy burden that I carried was finally gone. This burden was an ongoing court case from a terrible car accident six years ago. Without going into details, I can tell you that the world said I was going to be crucified. However, God had different plans. Each time the court date was postponed, I felt as though my faith was wearing down. However, I didn’t have an option to quit believing for a miracle. Finally one day my case was dismissed. It was one of the most glorious days of my life. The relief that came was one I will never forget. I’ve praised God all day today for what He did for me three years ago. I knew during this time in my life, God was the only one who would be able to work out the situation for my good, I chose to have faith and I chose to keep believing and trusting even when I could not see.

As I look back, I realize that my trust and faith in God grew drastically during this time. God showed me who He really was and even though it took three years, I learned so much. After each court date that was postponed, I didn’t know why it was delayed once again but it didn’t matter. What mattered is that I knew God had something better – a better outcome and to give me an experience that He led methrough to cultivate confidence in Him.

Each day we have a choice – we choose to live for Jesus. It’s not always easy but it is always the best way. No matter what your circumstances, I hope you use these moments on your journey to allow God to cultivate confidence in Him.

Personal Reflection

  1. What circumstances in your life do you feel unsure or hopeless in?
  2. How can you surrender to God to allow Him to accomplish His plan in your life?
  3. How can you cultivate your relationship with Jesus?

With all my love and encouragement,

Hannah B.

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