Barefoot Devotions

Transforming Brokenness

Brokenness. A place where we all hope to never find ourselves.

The reality is that we are all broken. We have broken moments surrounded in immense pain, shame, and despair. There are parts of our life that we so desperately want to take back and even the parts we wonder why this happened to me? How did I get here of all places? It’s really not supposed to be this way.

God’s grace doesn’t leave us in our brokenness. He loves us far too much to do that. His grace has carried me through all of my brokenness, despair, and heartache.

Even when I didn’t deserve it.

Even in the midst of the circumstances I didn’t choose.

When we keep our brokenness cocooned in the protection of our own hands, it’s impossible to see the potential it will morph into when we surrender our brokenness to our Heavenly Father.

We must surrender justifying our brokenness to God. This means fully releasing every thought and emotion you are holding onto so tightly into the hands of JEHOVAH ROPHE.

A beautiful transformation happens in your heart when you allow the Holy Spirit to step in and morph your brokenness into healing.

It begins in complete surrender.

It begins when we stop asking why.

It begins when we realize that God didn’t mean for us to live this way.

It begins when we realize that God’s love is greater and His grace is beyond sufficient.

It ignites when you step into your anointed and set apart position IN Christ.

When we are IN Christ, our brokenness is gracefully broken for meaning and a purpose far greater than you can even imagine.

Be brave and surrender everything to our loving Father for transformation.

With all of my love and encouragement,

Hannah B.

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