Discover, Grow, & Thrive in Faith

Whether you are new to the faith, have lost your way, or are established in your faith, it is important to continue cultivating your relationship with Jesus Christ. A community of believers is essential to everyone’s faith journey. We learn through others experience, we receive hope and encouragement, and they can continue to propel us toward the calling Jesus has on our life.


The first foundation of developing our faith is to begin our discovery of God and His true character. Here are the fundamental ways to begin your discovery process:

  • Reading The Holy Bible
  • Praying to God
  • Surrounding yourself in fellowship with other believers
  • Attend a Holy Bible based church


The second foundation of developing our faith is begin engagement with our church, serving opportunities, and continual fellowship in God’s Word diving into a deeper and personal relationship with Him. In addition to the steps above, it’s imperative that you are actively engaging in cultivating your relationship with Jesus and seeking Him on a daily basis.

  • Join a Bible Study Group
  • Set aside time each day for your personal Bible study
  • Set aside time each day to devote to prayer
  • Meditate on scripture daily
  • Allow God time to speak


The third foundation of developing out faith is to simply embrace the life God has called us to. We must intentionally seek God first in all areas of a life to fully discover who we are and the wholeness that a relationship with Jesus gives.

  • Embrace the process of Sanctification
  • Grow in the Fruits of the Spirit
  • Thrive toward the calling and purpose God has on your life