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Home Tour // Dining Room

Can I just say that this is my favorite room in my home? The fireplace is the focal point and makes this house inviting, warm and cozy! I absolutely love the brick that covers the entire wall. It’s our family room decorated with old family pictures that are dear to my heart AND a table for gathering and sharing a meal. I was able to keep everything from our last home and incorporate new items to complete this room. Almost everything I have used to decorate have come from Kirkland’s or Hobby Lobby over the years. Almost everything used to decorate has come from collecting over the last few years. img_6770img_6766img_6768img_6764img_6765img_6762

Life In A Holler

Dried Lavender Arrangement 

Hey y’all! My boys and I left the holler and went down to Greenville, South Carolina to have a ladies weekend. Of course, a girls trip isn’t complete without shopping! We stumbled across an absolute adorable store called “Vintage Now New.” I am so in love with my finds! Hope you enjoy this easy and simple way to spruce up your home.

Step 1 – Purchase the items you may need.

-Vase (I had a mason jar on hand so I decided to use this as my vase)

-Ribbon (Optional: I used twine that I had on hand)

-Dried Lavender or flower of your choice

-Rice for your vase filler

Step 2 – Trim the lavender to the size needed for the vase of your choice. Save the pieces of lavender and small stems that fall off! 

Tip: Dried lavender can be quite messy so I used the paper the lavender was wrapped in to place down on the counter I was using as a workstation. Plus it made it easier to gather the trimmings to mix with the rice.

Step 3 – Gather your rice and mix with the small stems and lavender pieces. Once you have this mixed together, pour into your vase.

Tip: I poured some of the filler in, placed the longer pieces of lavender in first and repeated with the smaller pieces.

Step 4: Start placing the lavender into your vase.

Step 5: Tie your ribbon around the vase (optional)

Step 6: There really isn’t one except for enjoy!

Happy Decorating!


Hannah B.