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A Year In A Holler

Lately, I have been reflecting about our first year in the holler. As I look back to one year ago, I had no idea that this is what God had planned but I am so incredibly thankful that He allowed my plans to fall through and show me how great of a plan He had.


We (God did this) sold our house within 3 days, had all of our belongings in the back of a Uhaul preparing for our big move across the Appalachian mountains within a month. Although we kept experiencing road blocks, God always carried us through the situation with an outcome that benefited us. We knew from the beginning that God was in this and He wouldn’t get us this far not to see us through the entire process.

There was one problem that was not being solved. We drove to our new hometown countless of times looking for a place for our family to call home but only to find nothing.

With two weeks to spare before we were moved out of our house, we finally agreed on a house and decided to just be done with the search and secure the place so we would have a place to move to immediately.

Deep down I knew this place wasn’t meant to be called home. It just didn’t feel right but I had a plan and a place to live!

It was not God’s plan though. A few days before closing and moving out of our house, we found out that our rental would no longer be available for the date we needed but a few days later. We were able to stay with family and wait out our new move in date but we found out that the delay would be indefinite. We were not moving there.

In my mind, we were essentially homeless. We sold our house, we had everything packed and loaded, but no where to go. With only days left to spare until we had to absolutely be there, we were without a plan. Without options. Everything was closing in. There were deadlines that were not going to be met.

God said, “Go” so we drove to Kentucky with an open mind and expecting God’s best. We knew we would either store everything and move again, get my husband an apartment, or find a house for all of us.

For one last reminder that God was in control, we broke down in the Uhaul. At that point, we should have turned around and just forgot about it because we were facing such difficulty getting to our destination.

When you are in a situation like this, you have no choice but to trust God’s plans and that is exactly where He wanted us to be. Even though the unknowns were something to be worried about, we chose to keep moving forward. We kept going on faith, God kept His promises, and surrounded us with His goodness every moment.

My plan had fallen apart and He showed me that His plans and His will are always perfect and far better than anything we could ever plan out yourself.

No matter how many original and back up plans I made, I could never had planned what God had laid out for us. If your plan isn’t a part of God’s plan, it’s simply going to fall apart so that the right pieces can fall into place.

This picture was taken 40 minutes outside of our destination and is the moment I knew God would provide. He did provide far better than my plan A, B, and C. The moment of realizing that I had absolutely no control and I had to let go and let God continue to lead us in our next chapter because His ways were higher than mine.

The ending to a chapter but the beginning of of a new chapter, Barefoot In A Holler.


Hannah B.

Barefoot Devotions

Not Forgotten

It always amazes me how distracted we can get on a daily basis and forget how far we have come in life. We do our day to day things and have our day to day issues.  Could be a stressful day with work and kids and so much to do and so little time to do it.  Or I just got paid and now I have no money.

Recently, I was watching a documentary on the Oklahoma City building bombing that sadly happened back in 1995.  I remembered that I had written in my journal just a few short days afterwards about how I had felt about it.  I ran upstairs and grabbed my journal out of my suitcase full of all my teenage memories.  Which is pretty fitting considering I moved around a lot as a child.  My parents were divorced and I found myself going back and forth between the both of them.

So, I started reading my journal which only consisted of a few months from that year. I must have remembered the old saying “don’t print anything on paper that you wouldn’t want broadcasted on the front page of a newspaper” Lol. As I was reading, I couldn’t stop.  All these memories that I had blocked out.  I was such a depressed and lonely teenage girl.  I wanted to reach into that journal and hug her and tell her everything would turn out okay.  My day to day journaling consisted of boy trouble, abuse, feelings of suicide and loneliness.I had wanted to have a closer relationship with Jesus but I found myself drowning in depression and anger.

I do remember times of shaking my fists and screaming out to God to take me out of this world.  To make all this go away.  To save me.  I had no mentor back then. No woman to show me what a life for a girl is supposed to be like.  I lived with my father and my 2 brothers most of the time.  I longed for someone to see into my soul how tormented I was.  I suppose I didn’t know how to articulate any of that at the time.  I only knew how to yell and fight and defend myself.  I only knew how to express how angry and sad I was.  I got myself into quite a bit of trouble. Drugs, alcohol, premarital sex. I stopped caring about myself.

I don’t actually remember much of the details of that time; even the events I wrote about, but I do remember making my mind up at some point that I was going to look forward to the future and hold onto that last thread of hope that God was real and what I’ve learned my whole life was true and that Jesus loved me and hadn’t forgotten me.

Now, as I look around at my beautiful house and the peace in this house I see how God did deliver me.  I have wonderful children.  I didn’t do too much in my life in the right order but God still blessed me none the less.  God saw through my soul and saw my pain and He delivered me.  He set me on solid ground.  I may have messed up in so many ways but being the Sovereign God He is; picked me up, dusted me off and pushed me forward.  What an amazing mighty God we serve. And the thing is, I may have just been reminded of  some of the pain I went through growing up and some of the awful things that were said to me or done to me but I’m also reminded that I am blessed and I survived. That I was saved and He did hear my cries and I was delivered from all of it.  I don’t have to feel sad about it anymore. I don’t have to be angry.  I can forgive and I am forgiven.

The annoyances that happen in my day to day are nothing compared to what The Lord God brought me out of so many years ago.

Looking back I don’t even recognize that girl in that journal.  I know that God has transformed me.  He has worked on my heart and has mended all my little holes and patched all those rips and tears.  There may be scars but they are no longer wounds.

If you are going through a time in your life where you feel like nobody could possibly understand what you are going through or you feel like you are alone; I am a living testament that you are never alone.  God does hear you and even if you don’t see his work yet, He is working on your behalf.  It is always in the right time.

He knows perfectly and strategically where you are at in your grief or your anger or your sadness.  He knows what you need and when you need it. He knows when you are open and ready to receive it. When you can lay it all down and get on your knees and recognize that He does have your back you are ready to receive it.

If you don’t have a mentor or somebody to reach out to that will listen and pray for you or pray with you, I encourage you to get out your bible and pray.  I encourage you to find a bible based church to go to and do not isolate yourself. Reach out to other people or your pastor and ask them to pray with you.  You are loved and you are never forgotten.

Luke 12:7- “But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows”.

Valerie C.

Barin my Soul

Barefoot Devotions

Child Come Home

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? To be honest, I’ve let life get the best of me. The last time I wrote, I let y’all know that my grandmother, The Matriarch of my family went to be with the Lord. Ever since then I’ve felt lost, guilty and depressed. I didn’t want to write because I didn’t want to feel the emotions that come with grief. Grief is a scary feeling but sometimes you just have to feel and go through the motions to get to the other side. Often times when I’m experiencing these emotions, I will disconnect. It’s probably not healthy but it’s something I need to do. It’s something that helps me and my mind understand and come to terms with circumstances that are happening in my life.

You know how there are times in life where you feel like everything in the world is coming against you? You turn one way and there is a problem or a hurdle to jump? Then just before that fire is put out, you find yourself having to jump over something else? Have you ever wondered what in the world is going on in the universe to have ALL of the world throwing rocks at you? I have.

I had an ah-ha moment.

I realized that during the time before the distress, I let the world creep in. Notice, I used the word creep because that’s exactly how Satan does it, slowly and surely. Unfortunately, it’s too often too late until you realize what has happened. I let the world define my thoughts, my emotions and eventually those worldly thoughts and emotions seeped into my heart.

Then it hits me. I hear Him say,  “Child Come Home. You Need Me. Staying close to me is the only way you can do this. You can’t do this walk without Me.” Jesus is right, I can’t! Life is too chaotic without Him and all it takes to drift away is one day of skipping time with God, talking with Him, and praying, just one day or one time.

What if Jesus lets the universe throw every hurdle at us? That sounds kinda harsh, doesn’t it? I mean if He loved us so then why would He let us feel like we are drowning in life? Maybe He does it because He doesn’t want us to drift too far away? Perhaps, He wants us to stay close to Him and for us to realize that we do need Him, it may take an obstacle or two…or even a frying pan. He knows we have tasted His goodness and He wants to give us even more of His goodness. I want all that He will give me and I
will gladly accept the times in my life where He has to use a frying pan over my head.

Is it time for you to come home?


Hannah B. (2)










Barefoot Devotions

Home Tour // Dining Room

Can I just say that this is my favorite room in my home? The fireplace is the focal point and makes this house inviting, warm and cozy! I absolutely love the brick that covers the entire wall. It’s our family room decorated with old family pictures that are dear to my heart AND a table for gathering and sharing a meal. I was able to keep everything from our last home and incorporate new items to complete this room. Almost everything I have used to decorate have come from Kirkland’s or Hobby Lobby over the years. Almost everything used to decorate has come from collecting over the last few years. img_6770img_6766img_6768img_6764img_6765img_6762

Life In A Holler

Dried Lavender Arrangement 

Hey y’all! My boys and I left the holler and went down to Greenville, South Carolina to have a ladies weekend. Of course, a girls trip isn’t complete without shopping! We stumbled across an absolute adorable store called “Vintage Now New.” I am so in love with my finds! Hope you enjoy this easy and simple way to spruce up your home.

Step 1 – Purchase the items you may need.

-Vase (I had a mason jar on hand so I decided to use this as my vase)

-Ribbon (Optional: I used twine that I had on hand)

-Dried Lavender or flower of your choice

-Rice for your vase filler

Step 2 – Trim the lavender to the size needed for the vase of your choice. Save the pieces of lavender and small stems that fall off! 

Tip: Dried lavender can be quite messy so I used the paper the lavender was wrapped in to place down on the counter I was using as a workstation. Plus it made it easier to gather the trimmings to mix with the rice.

Step 3 – Gather your rice and mix with the small stems and lavender pieces. Once you have this mixed together, pour into your vase.

Tip: I poured some of the filler in, placed the longer pieces of lavender in first and repeated with the smaller pieces.

Step 4: Start placing the lavender into your vase.

Step 5: Tie your ribbon around the vase (optional)

Step 6: There really isn’t one except for enjoy!

Happy Decorating!


Hannah B.