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Life Lessons From The Wilderness

As I was studying the pages of Exodus,  I couldn’t help but read with excitement about the events God was bringing about for the Israelite’s to escape slavery in chapter 14.  You know something amazing is about to happen when God says, “I WILL”We can expect something to happen. 

He miraculously delivered them from the hands of Pharaoh – sending them out of Egypt with everything they would need.  The Red Sea was parted for them to cross through on dry land. The angel of God and the pillar of cloud that was in front of them the entire time of their journey and they moved behind them when Pharaoh’s army was getting closer.

Supernatural protection was before them and when they were safe for running into the home stretch – the angel and pillar of cloud moved behind them so they didn’t have to look back. 

A few more pages in, they were grumbling and saying their life would have been better enslaved to the Egyptians; there they sat around pots of meat and ate all they wanted.  The LORD heard their grumbling and He provided every time despite their complaints about God.  They were satisfied for a few days and they would praise the LORD and dance; then grumbling words would flow off of the same tongue they used to praise the LORD, again.

Not only did they just witness some of the greatest miracles of all time, they knew firsthand that God saw the people through each event until it reached its completion.

Please read for the fullness of God’s word:

Exodus Ch. 14 – Crossing the Red Sea

Exodus Ch. 15 – Praising to Grumbling In 20 Seconds

Exodus Ch. 16 – Manna & Quail

Within these chapters, we can pinpoint the downfall of their faith:

1) Disobedience

We are often given tests in life that will determine God’s next steps in our life.  There is always something to learn from our current situation that God wants to use to better our character, to build our relationship with Him, and to grow our faith. Often times we find ourselves unable to move forward in obedience to what the LORD has revealed for us to do. Regardless of our fear and doubt, we must act in our faith.

Exodus 14:19-20 tells us that angels were surrounding the Israelites during this time and clearly indicates that they had protection before, during, and after.  If the Israelites had this kind of protection from God to endure their trials, then He gives us the same protection to endure our tests and trials.

2)  Just In Case – I have Backdoor Faith 

If you look closely at the Israelites you will see several examples of how they would have a plan to provide their needs just in case God’s fell through. They never fully trusted God to provide and they had doubt. They were instructed to only gather how much manna they needed otherwise whatever left over would be ruined by morning.  Instead of fully trusting that God would provide all of their needs, they decided to save food for the next day just in case God did not provide food.  By doing this, they proved they did not fully trust God and their faith was not genuine.

3. They Grumbled 

After crossing the Red Sea, the people praised and feared God.  They worshiped Him with song and dance but a few days later they were grumbling with the same tongue they used to praise God!  Even though they were rescued from slavery,  delivered safely through the Red Sea, and given water and food when they needed it, they still grumbled and kept repeating their cycle over and over.  They didn’t expect God to carry them through the obstacles they faced

This left me asking God,

“Why is it so hard to be obedient without grumbling, especially after witnessing God’s protection and miracles?”

The moment I felt conviction from the Holy Spirit and him say, “Child, you know.  Aren’t you in the wilderness now after witnessing my miracles?”

I fell to my knees, repenting and asking God to forgive me for my grumbling and complaining as I realized what I had done and the way I had reacted out of despair, grief, loneliness, and fleshly desires.

Over a year ago, my family moved to a holler in the middle of nowhere – going nowhere. This was the most amazing miracle our family could have received.  We were given a fresh start on a new journey.  Chains were broken and we were released.  Even to this day, the miracles are still being unveiled and I all I can do is worship the LORD for His goodness to remove us when the time was right.

Answers to the majority of my heartache this year have been coming to light the last week or so.  Once again, I found myself heartbroken over events that happened almost a year ago but God provided an answer that would quickly turn my heartache to praise.  For those reasons,  I thank God that He moved us from our street I held so dearly to my heart, our first house, and our secular friends and lifestyle.  Our family is whole, together, and we are intact.

Although my flesh is lonely and craving the things and people of the past – even though they were bad for me.  If I was there, I probably would have given into the flesh and had “just in case back door faith”.  Swayed by the secular influences that surrounded us living a life according to the flesh.  Instead, my spirit is full, redeemed, and reconciled through Jesus.   I can embrace this place He has placed me and I can do it with a thankful and glad heart.

Thank you, God, for isolating me in this wilderness because this is a holy place, this is where you are.

Sometimes we need to embrace our wilderness because it’s bound to come with a God that says, “I WILL”.  We can choose to live in the wilderness with a thankful heart or with a grumbling heart.  The adversary wants us to think we are alone but in reality, we are enclosed with God’s presence behind us and in front of us.

The wilderness isn’t supposed to be a place of comfort.  It’s a place full of tests, trials, pruning and a time to be obedient to God. 

It’s a holy place you were called to so you can experience the fullness of God.

Fullness in the wilderness

No matter where you are in your wilderness, you are surrounded by the presence of God.  Don’t be so consumed by your flesh that you ignore the wilderness and you miss the point.  Just ask Him to reveal Himself to you and make Himself known to you.  Just a simple prayer like that and He will.


Hannah B.

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