Barefoot Devotions

Unshakable Faith

We have had a hard time finding a church since our move almost a year ago. We have visited several churches and with the amount of time we have traveled back home on the weekends, we have been absent a lot from our search.

Lately, God has been dealing with me on tithing and I could not stand the feeling of this being between God and myself. Finally, on Sunday we were able to tithe and it was such a relief to place the check into the offering plate.  You can say Sunday was peaceful, a weight lifted, and all was right in the world. Right?

Monday was an emotional day as my husband left to go on a mission trip to another country.  It felt that everything that could go wrong, it did.

Tuesday. I woke up sick but somehow managed to keep the kids alive, oh and myself too (barely). I realized all the things I forgot to do on Monday and Tuesday and sure enough Tuesday afternoon I had noticed car problems. AND I know nothing about cars. No husband. No family here. Just me and my kids in a foreign land. By the end of this day, I felt like I was dodging bullets.

No big deal, right? This is life. 

In my mind, I began to think, how funny is it that I finally did something for God that needed to be done but yet I finally tithed and would now need that money to go toward car issues?  It’s kinda comical if you ask me. I was not questioning or regretting my decision to tithe because it is what God told me to. He placed it on my heart and I did it out of obedience for Him. Why? Because I can’t see through His lens, He is God and knows all.


Helllloo Sickness. It would be a miracle if we survived the day.  The kids and I visit an urgent care center (yes, their sick too) in my car that *seems* to be having transmission trouble. As I am driving home, I realize and just *know* that I should get my car looked at. I went to two places and neither would look at it. Ok then. BUT they both recommended the same guy. However, when the first place told me where he was, I was thinking to myself, yeah, I’m not going there. Then the second place, said, “Go Here.” Great.

I load my kids up (again) and begin heading to a part of town that I really didn’t want to go by myself with two kids. I pulled in to basically a garage and what looks to be a junkyard ( Remember, my post on Salvaged? Funny huh?) I walk into the office and wait for the gentleman who runs the place to stop working on a car and come in and see what I need. As I am looking around, he has several different brochures and videos on God, the end times, Martin Luther, and there was a small book that stood out called, “Unshakable Faith.”  I knew then, I was at the right place at the right time. I could trust this man. Of course, I am on the verge of tears and having a meltdown in this old office because I knew that those two words were for me. “Unshakeable Faith.” It was then I realized it is going to be okay and to keep moving forward unshaken. 

After telling the man about my problems, he tells me he will take a quick look at my car but won’t be able to diagnose and fix the problems until next week. Upon looking, it was low on transmission fluid.  He takes even more time out of his day to replace the fluid in my car for free. When I asked him, “how much do I owe you?” He just said, “Nothing. Come back next week so I can take a look at it and service it.”  As I was left, dumbfounded by this man taking time out of his busy day to look at my car and help me without a charge so I can at least make it through the week until my husband gets home from his mission trip.

It’s not even about the car – yes, that was God’s blessing and blessings never come how we expect but they come at the most needed and at the exact moment we need them. Are your eyes open to see them? Sometimes blessings are so intertwined with our day that we often miss them if we aren’t watching closely.


I would have missed such a blessing if I chose not to go because of my own judgments.

Where is God telling you to go and you are reluctant? Don’t be. There is a blessing you are missing if you don’t go.


Hannah B.